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 Jim, John and Leo, 2013


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 Television, 2012


 Show, 2012




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Jim, John and Leo, 2013

Jim, John and Leo, was made in collaboration with Augustin Macellari, for CO-ORDINATE, curated by Cornelia Marland. The exhibition was about the neighborhood of Kings Cross, London and included work by local artists, two of whom feature in this film.


The film was installed alongside a plastic parma ham borrowed from Leo.




Me and David Make Television, 2012

dhoop 1

Me And David Make Television, 2012, dhoop incense, carnivorous plants, terrarium, lights, wood, expanding foam, dissassembled LCD panel showing 7min HD video loop. Speakers, plastic fruit and veg.

Made for Parasol unit, 2012, and exhibited at MULTI-FORMAT MASSAGE VISION, VSR, 2012, and Spike Island, Bristol as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries, 2013.




Show, 2012


Show, 2012, HD video (36mins 36secs), two bronze kebabs, swiss-cheese plant wearing a hat, moving waterfall picture, dissasembled LCD panel showing 5min looped film of detritus.

Exhibited at The Slade School Of Fine Art Degree Show 2012, EXPOSURE 2012 at Parasol unit, and as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013 at Spike Island, Bristol and ICA, London.



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